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“The harder you fall, the heavier your heart; the heavier your heart, the stronger you climb; the stronger you climb, the higher your pedestal.”

Femme Mur d'escalade


Climbing (Bouldering in this case) is about :

  • Improving the complete body (arms, core, legs)

  • Being functional (movement, flexibility, strength, balance)

  • Exercising your brain.


Whatever your level of fitness, there will be a level for you to start with.

Easiest ways are as easy as climbing a ladder!

Some of us are already advanced climbers, we’ll help each other.

Also, we will explain you the basic technique and making sure you are safe.


More details :


Try something different, discover new sensations and challenges.

There is nothing like the feeling of overcoming a challenging way!


The Gear

Clothes : wear sport clothes as if you would go to the gym.
Some of us wear short pants, some prefer to have the knee covered (it may rub against the wall)


Shoes : Climbing shoes are available for Rental, If you need to buy your own one, we can advise you. It starts as low as 35€.

The Place

Vertical ‘ART is a Climbing gym where can climb “BLOC” but there are also :

-          Fitness/Workout equipment

-          Restaurant

-          BAR (to enjoy together a drink after training!) J


Address :


Zone du Pas du Lac
10, Avenue André Marie Ampère
78180 Montigny-le-Bretonneux

The Time

Let’s climb together on these time slot :


We usually go together on Tuesday, Wednesday afterwork and

Friday around 4pm, Happy Friday – No excuses!



Based on the number of members, we’ll organize coaching sessions.

Climbing Outside

At Dampierre-Maincourt (aprox 15mn), there is nice climbing spot, in the forest, perfect to relax and to escape from the city !


Of course there are many more other spots where we could go. One of them is Fontainebleau : one of the most famous spot for Bloc in the world!


We’ll organize discovery sessions, send us an email and we will come back to you!

No need for medical certificate.

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